How to Reach Mt. Gretna

The community of Mt. Gretna is located in the southern part of Lebanon Co., along Route 117, several miles west of Route 72 (Lancaster/Lebanon Road).

The Tabernacle (Third St. & Glossbrenner Ave.) is behind the UM Church, in Mt. Gretna's Campmeeting section, east of Pinch Road and south of Route 117.

Tabernacle Parking

There are three Tabernacle parking areas and a handicapped area:

  1. The main parking - the lot behind the Mt. Gretna Fire Co. - is accessed from the Boulevard, just east of the Campmeeting off Route 117. The address for the Tabernacle parking is 41 Boulevard St., Mt. Gretna, PA 17064.
  2. Parking along both sides of Route 117 is shared with other Mt. Gretna activities.
  3. Limited parking is available on either side of First St., below the Tabernacle. Buses and vans are encouraged to park behind the garages on First St.
  4. Bus and handicapped access and limited handicapped parking at the Mt. Gretna UM Church lot, 4th St. and Boehm Ave. Please help us on this! (Warning: West Cornwall Township police are enforcing all "No Parking" signs posted along roadsides near the Tabernacle.)

With Parking Tight, Come Early and Enjoy Gretna First!

Mt. Gretna is a busy, sometimes nearly overwhelmed, community on summer evenings. Activities, including the Bible Festival, are occurring at both ends of town and along Route 117. That can make parking difficult to find.

To ease your parking concerns and make your visit to the Bible Festival the fully refreshing experience you want it to be, we suggest you come early and enjoy a stroll through the campmeeting and Mt. Gretna's beautiful streets or a quiet time at the Tabernacle. That way, you should be more readily able to find parking at one of the four locations indicated on another panel.

This year again we will seek to reserve the parking lot at the Mt. Gretna United Methodist Church, 4th Street and Boehm Avenue, for bus drop-offs and handicapped access and for parking by persons who have difficulty walking longer distances. Please help us serve those purposes at this location.

We urge as well that you observe all "No Parking" signs. The West Cornwall Township police are enforcing them.

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